Prof. Dr. Susanne Zank



After studying psychology at the TU Berlin and Vancouver/Canada, Prof. Dr. Susanne Zank was a research assistant, assistant and senior assistant at the TU and FU Berlin. She also worked as a licensed psychological psychotherapist in the Gerontopsychiatric Day and Outpatient Clinic of the University Hospital. She habilitated in psychology at the FU Berlin, in 2006 she took over the chair for clinical psychology at the University of Siegen. Since October 2010 Prof. Zank has been head of the Chair for Rehabilitation Scientific Gerontology and Director of the Center for Curative Gerontology.

Her research focuses on stress and intervention research for caring relatives of dementia patients, intervention and rehabilitation research for elderly people and the evaluation of outpatient and inpatient care. Together with her colleagues, she developed survey instruments for the stress of caring relatives (Berliner Invententar zur Angehörigenbelastung - Demenz, BIZA-D) and for the screening of depressions (Depression in the Age Scale DIAS), which can be used both in research and in practice for quality assurance.