International teaching in rehabilitation


Winter school in denmark

Summary and overall experiences of winter school in 2023:

International students at Winter School seminar provide network and visibility

How do we work with supervision and physiotherapy in the Psychiatry? How does an in-patient ward look like – and what kind of treatment is offered? This was among the insights, a number of students from Köln University in Germany got, when they were on Winter School seminar in Gødstrup in week 2. The students are studying a master's degree in rehabilitation-science, just like one of the participants is a psychologist and Ph.D.
She says:

- "It is very exciting and insightful to visit and see, how the Danish healthcare system and psychiatry works. We can be inspired by that in Germany, where we do not work in the same way." 

Network and visibility

This visit has been two days with presentations from different professionals and teams, visits to the in-patient ward and teaching in different forms of psychiatric treatment. But it is not only the Germans, who benefits.

- "It gives us a great benefit because it strengthens the international environment and network in NIDO. At the same time, we become visible – we become a lighthouse that can be seen all the way from Germany", says the Chief Physician Robert Bering.

The visit takes place as part of Chief Physician Robert Bering's teaching at Köln University and the establishment of the new research unit in The Regional Psychiatry in Gødstrup, NIDO | Center of Research and Education.




Thank you to all of you, who took the time to share your experiences and expertise.