Symposium on Inferentialism in Mathematics and Statistics Education


On February 23, 2021 the 

Symposium on Inferentialism in Mathematics and Statistics Education

took place

from 13:00 to 17:00 (1pm to 5 pm) (CET).

Due to the current pandemic situation, the symposium was held online.

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Time Name
Title of presentation

Maike Schindler

13:10 Arthur Bakker
On the history of the group working with inferentialism in mathematics and statistics education
13:20 Yusuke Uegatani & Hiroki Otani
Conceptual development in mathematics as making reasons explicit: Inferentialist analysis of material inferences in seventh grade students’ mathematical activities
13:50 Ola Helenius, Linda Ahl, & Abdel Seidouvy
Analysing conceptual development in collaborative talk - combining inferentialism and the theory of conceptual fields
14:20 Abdel Seidouvy
Exploring student collaboration during data generation in the statistics classroom: An inferentialist perspective
14:50 Per Nilsson
Limited and rich Math-GoGARs – giving account meaning-making in mathematic discussions
15:20 Ulrika Ryan
Inferentialism and mutlilingualism in mathematics education
15:50 Anna Chronaki
Affective bodying with mathematics, children and difference
16:20   Discussion about trends and future work