Future Songwriting

Oktober 2018 - Dezember 2020


Prof. Dr. Christian Rolle (Universität zu Köln), Julia Weber (Universität zu Köln)

project management: Teosto (Finland)

cooperation partners: University of Arts Helsinki (Finnland), Pompeu Fabra University (Spanien), Sacem (Frankreich), Artisjus (Ungarn), Musical Futures (Großbritannien)

The Future Songwriting project creates opportunities for more versatile music education in diverse learning environments. The project emphasizes creative self-expression, collaborative working methods, and active cultural participation by enabling technology-supported creative processes for children and young people of all ages within the EU. Thus, it addresses one of the most urgent and important areas in music education in Europe today, namely the use of modern technology in teaching and learning music. This also calls for a critical examination of established classroom practices and the assumptions concerning the use of technology in music teaching. Future Songwriting enables teachers to develop new, experiential and interactive learning environments and to strengthen the role and status of creative production in music education. The project offers teachers the necessary skills and tangible tools for utilizing technology in their work and promoting innovative and creative music education. Sharing musical ideas and experiences interculturally via a dedicated platform reaching beyond geographical and linguistic borders makes the initiative a genuine collaboration rather than merely individual pilots conducted in different countries. Future Songwriting is based on the implementation and examination of the INTO concept, which has been widely and successfully tested and applied in Finland. It will be implemented by a consortium coordinated by Teosto, with SACEM, University of the Arts Helsinki, University of Cologne, Pompeu Fabra University, Artisjus and Musical Futures as partners. The pilots will be conducted in Finland, France and Germany and assessed by a team of researchers from the three participating universities and Musical Futures.
Practical implementation of Future Songwriting consists of three key parts; workshops for teachers; teachers' further training and professional learning development via an e-Learning platform; and creative school pilot projects in Finland, France and Germany.




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