Post-disaster Microfinance


  • MF in Post-Disaster and Post-Conflict Situations

 In recent years, large numbers of developing and transitional countries experienced situations of crisis. These were caused by either political, economic or natural disasters, or total crisis, triggered by war or totalitarian oppression, in which the very structure of society was disrupted. Conflicts and disasters severely affect socio-economic institutions, public governance and the networks and social relationships of citizens, including those pertaining to the exchange or transfer of financial resources... [weiterlesen]


  • Post-Tsunami MF in Aceh

 Microfinance in Aceh, or NAD has been severely affected by the Tsunami of December 2004, an earthquake in early 2005 and three decades of conflict. While the Tsunami led to an unprecedented influx of human and financial resources for relief and reconstruction, the peace accord of 2005 opened a window of opportunity for long-term development, drawing attention to large numbers of disadvantaged and neglected people throughout the province... [weiterlesen]