Islamic Microfinance


  • Aceh, Indonesia -  Baitul Qirad, Reconstructing Islamic Credit Cooperatives

  The tsunami on 24 December 2005 caused major devastation in almost every sector in the Indonesian province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. However this is not the main challenge of reconstruction of microfinance sector in Aceh, because even before the tsunami the sector has been under developed due to 30 years of political and military conflict... [weiterlesen]


  • e-MFP, European Microfinance Week, Workshop on Islamic Microfinance

Islamic finance, which is built on profit-sharing and objections against the payment of interest (riba) on savings and credit, evolved only within the last four decades. Depending on whether these objections are institutionalised by the government, voiced by the people from below or propagated by religious organizations in a secular state, Islamic finance may be mandatory as in Iran, informal as in Syria or in competition with conventional finance as in Indonesia... [weiterlesen]


  • Indonesia, Islamic MF

Indonesia, the largest Muslim country, has a highly differentiated micro- and rural finance sector which has evolved over more than a century. Islamic finance has emerged in 1991, comprising Islamic commercial banks and banking units, rural banks, and financial cooperatives. In this study we deal with the emerging Islamic microfinance sector in Indonesia, particularly rural banks and financial cooperatives... [weiterlesen]


  • Islamic MF - The Challenge of Institutional Diversity  

Forays into Islamic microfinance have been few and scattered and of limited outreach. Some have been mandated by the state, but lack popular demand, as in Iran; other have emerged in response to popular demand, but lack regulatory support by the state, as in Syria. This has provided the background for a more systematic study of Islamic microfinance in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country, where several strands of Islamic microfinance, formal and semiformal, have evolved since 1990 in parallel... [weiterlesen]