History of Microfinance


  • Defining microfinance - a historical first

Microfinance is used here as a wider term, comprising banking and non-banking, formal and nonformal financial institutions with financial services of a small scale, mostly to low-income people... [weiterlesen] 


  • History matters in MF - Origins in Europe

Microfinance is not a recent development, and neither is the development of regulation and supervision of microfinance institutions (MFIs). Every now developed country has its own history of microfinance. It is important to recognize this because it presents a view different from that of many in the microfinance community who associate microfinance with credit NGOs and believe that microfinance was invented in Bangladesh some 20-odd years ago... [weiterlesen]


  • Indonesia, Microfinance for Microenterprises

  This paper is based on the assumption that women's and men's enterprises are best served by an unrepressed financial system. No amount of donor support and external debt can substitue for the right policy environment: one which encourages domestic resource mobilization and the proper functioning of financial intermediaries... [weiterlesen]


  • Microfinance in Laos

  During the last ten years, the Government of The Lao PDR, a communist country, has taken bold steps towards a market economy, creating a policy environment for the emergence of a demand-driven
system of microfinance. Such a system should be based on the cultural traditions of Laos where community solidarity is strong and women play a crucial role in microfinance... [weiterlesen]


  • Old and New Worlds of Microfinance in Europe and Asia

Microfinance is not a recent development. Every now developed country and some developing countries have a long history of microfinance. Yet, many associate microfinance with credit NGOs and recent origins in Bangladesh. We first take a look at the microfinance history of two European countries, Ireland and Germany, for several reasons... [weiterlesen]


  • Trad. Coops among the Kpelle of Liberia

  Most African countries have a modern cooperative movement, and those without one are trying to build it up because cooperatives are considered to be one of the most important organizations for agricultural development... [weiterlesen]