Commodity Mesofinance


  • Coffee Finance in Kenya - How to Undermine Rural Finance and Development

  In the introduction to the Proceedings of the Workshop on Structured Short and Medium Term Finance to Small-Scale Farmers in Africa, organized and financed by CFC and KPCU, it is stated succinctly that, agricultural input finance has been declining since the early nineties when countries started to liberalise and dismantle the commodity marketing boards, which used to provide input credit to small producers... [weiterlesen]


  • Commodity Finance - From Micro to Meso

Commodities are a mainstay of the economies of most developing countries, providing food, income-generating opportunities and export earnings to at least 2.4 billion people directly employed in agriculture. LDCs are highly commodity-dependent; in Africa, more than half of the countries derive over 80% of their merchandise export income from commodities... [weiterlesen]


  • Commodity Finance - Workshop Summary

The main focus of the Workshop was on sustainable financial services for the first stages of commodity processing to support small-scale producers to move up the value-added chain and increase their efficiency and earnings in commodity production. In this regard, the Workshop carried out an assessment of investment opportunities and financing needs at the producer level... [weiterlesen]