Working Papers


Recent additions

  • Cooperative Finance in Developing Economies  (download)

  • Myanmar: Banking on Financial Sector Reform (download)

  • Myanmar: Role of the Financial Sector in Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction (download)

  • Myanmar: Strengthening of the Central Bank (download)

  • SHG Sector Own Control in India (download)

  • SHG Sector Own Control - Evaluation of a Pilot Project in Andhra Pradesh (download)

  • The Rise and Fall of the Credit Cooperative System in India (download)

  • International Restructuring Experience in Commercial Banking and Microfinance (download)

  • Post-Tsunami Microfinance in Aceh: Lesson Learned (download)

  • Welthungerhilfe: Orientation Framework Microfinance (download)

  • Microfinance statt Mikrokredit - Ein ordnungspolitisches Konzept   (download

  • Village Banks in Vientiane Capital, Laos   (download)

  • Microfinance in Laos (download)

  • The People’s Credit Funds of Vietnam: A Prudentially Regulated Credit Cooperative Movement   (download) 

  • Reparations, Microfinance, and Gender (Abstract)   (download)

  • Reparations, Microfinance, and Gender   (download)

  • Culture and Governance in Microfinance, Bali, Indonesia   (download)

  • From Self-Help Groups to Village Financial Institutions in Bali   (download)

Agricultural Bank Reform

Commodity Mesofinance

Financial System Development & Microfinance

Governance in Microfinance

Grameen Replication

History of Microfinance

Informal Microfinance & Self-help Groups

Islamic Microfinance

IT in Microfinance

Linkage Banking

Microfinance Institutions by Ownership

Microenterprise Development

Microfinance Banks

Post-disaster Microfinance

Reparations and Microfinance

Resilience of Savings-based Microfinance Institutions

Rural & Microfinance Strategies

Social Change and Development

Women and Men in Microfinance