Financial System Development & Microfinance


  • Financial Systems Development and Local FIs

  The interventionist rationale of economic policy-making in Indonesia was already laid down in the 1945 constitution, but only the abundant oil revenues during the oil boom period between 1973 and 1982 enabled the government to realize the envisaged state-led model of development. In order to channel revenues to domestic industries, state enterprises and cooperatives, the government strengthened the position of state banks vis-à-vis the private sector... [weiterlesen]


  • Upgrading, Downgrading, Linking, Innovating - Microfinance Development Strategies

  In the transition process from financial repression to a prudentially deregulated financial system, an increasing number of developing countries are becoming concerned about access of the rural and urban masses to microfinance. Only viable institutions with sound practices, which mobilize their own resources and cover their costs from the margin, can respond to the increasing demand for microsavings, microcredit and microinsurance services on a sustainable basis... [weiterlesen]