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The EUROPEAN PRESENTATION CONFERENCE of EUCIM-TE has taken place at the King´s College London. It was a very successful two-day conference with participants from all over Europe and the UK.


      Report on the second day of the conference that was organized together with NALDIC:

      Some impressions of some of the various events of the Conference:




  • The European Core Curriculum is now available, see Material.
  • The Needs Analysis of the partner countries have been realised (see reports): they indicate a broad need for a change in the dynamics of teacher education concerning second language learning.   
  • In each of the partner countries Teacher Education Partnerships (TEPs) to involve teacher pre- and in-service education institutions, schools and public authorities in the project’s work have been established (see reports ).
  • The Progress Report of the project was approved by the EACEA. The work undertaken so far and reported on in the Progress Report was estimated as "10/10 = 100%". We would like to thank all contributing colleagues, project´s partners and the Teacher Education Partnerships who have supported the project´s work so far!



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