Internationally Educated Teachers and School System(s)

21 & 22 October 2021


The 2-day online-workshop was attended by 24 researchers from Austria, Canada, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The focus was on qualitative research and mixed-method-designs regarding Internationally Educated Teachers (i.e., educators from countries other than the one in which they seek to work in the teaching profession).

After the organising team (Dr. Rory Mc Daid, Assist. Prof Dr. Michelle Proyer, Prof. Dr. Clea Schmidt, Dr. Henrike Terhart) gave an opening presentation on the dilemmata in reserach on international teacher mobility the workshop invited Phd-level reserachers and Postgraduates, who presented their creative and thematically broad research on the situation of internationally educated teachers and school system(s). Each of the six presentations was accompanied by a commentary from an experienced researcher from a different country.

The interesting discussions showed that much of the research is on the internationally educated teachers themselves. However, as their stuation is strongly conditioned by political, administrative and social framework requirements, a focus of future research should be to take data of the structural factors more into account. In the second part of day two PdD-level reaserachers met for an informal meeting and networking. The participating reserachers agreed to meet regulary for peer-support and feedback on their ongoing reserach.

The workshop is financially supported by the International Office of the University of Cologne and is organised by faculty members at the University of Vienna (Austria), the University of Manitoba (Canada), the Marino Institute of Education (Ireland) and the University of Cologne (Germany).

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