Leonard Waks




Prof. Emeritus
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Temple University
Mail: lwaks@temple.edu or ljwaks@yahoo.com



Leaonrd Waks is Professor (Emeritus) of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Temple University, Philadelphia PA USA. He received a Ph. D. in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin (Madison), and taught philosophy at Purdue and Stanford Universities before joining the education faculty at Temple in 1971. He has received several research grants from the National Science Foundation (US) and conducted a summer institute on philosophy of technology sponsored by the National Council for the Humanities (US). He has published over a hundred journal articles and chapters in scholarly books, as well as the book TECHNOLOGY'S SCHOOL (JAI, 1995) in the Research in Philosophy and Technology series. He is the editor of LEADERS IN PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION: INTELLECTUAL SELF-PORTRAITS (Sense, 2008). His current research focuses on the educational arrangements of post-globalization network society.