Perspectives Of Pragmatism



Reconstructing Dewey Today

Dewey Scholars in Dialogue with Interactive Constructivism


The aim of this film project is to present actual aspects of Deweyan pragmatism and discuss them with leading Dewey scholars today. We have therefore chosen a number of general and specific topics that seem highly relevant from the perspective of contemporary pragmatism as well as interactive constructivism. The selection does not claim to give a systematic introduction but rather explores exemplarily components of possible reconstructions of Deweyan pragmatism. Each scholar will be presented in documentation (10-25 minutes film). S/he will be confronted with some (often well-known) quotations from Dewey's works. Responding spontaneously, s/he will be asked to give an interpretation about what, in his or her minds, is the actual import and relevance of this thought. Supplemented by a curriculum vitae and selected references of the scholar, the documentation is accessible in the internet on this website of the Cologne Dewey-Center.

With this project we hope to create a diverse and multilayered collection of personal statements about possible approaches to interpreting the challenges of pragmatism for our time. The collection is meant in the first place to present a public site of information for students and all who are interested in pragmatism. The presentation shall provide vivid and personal impressions about important questions, perspectives and theoretical resources in the pragmatic tradition. The dialogues intend to emphasize the practical relevance of these resources in face of present problems in our complex world.

We intend to complement the project over the upcoming years. All scholars in the pragmatic and construcitvist community are invited to cooperate in the project.


The Videointerviews

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