Education and Performance Training


  • Doctorate of Creative Arts (DCA) thesis title: Troppo Obscura: A Peepshow of Historical Perversity, University of Technology, Sydney, 2005

  • Challenges to Perform Cross-Culturally: Seeing/Feeling, Hearing/Dancing, Presenting/Writing, Reflecting/Remembering, Centre for Cross-Cultural Research, Australian National University, 2002

  • Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree at the University of Sydney, 1991

  • National Australian Languages Scholarship Scheme (NALSS), one year of intensive Indonesian language at Gadja Mada University, Indonesia 1997

  • Principles and Practices of Teaching and Learning, Professional Development Centre, University of New South Wales, 1996

  • Contemporary Performance: 6 months Tadashi Suzuki stomping and actor training, Side Track Performance Group (1996), Movement classes with Entre’act Theatre Company (1992-1993), Movement workshops with Suprapto, Indonesia (1992-1993), and Performance workshops with Teater Sae, Budhi S.Othong (1992-1994), Theatre workshops with Benkel Teater Rendra, Jakarta, (1986-1994).

  • Indonesian dance: Topeng Losari, traditional mask dance, Cirebon (1992-1999), Jaipongan, contemporary dance, West Java (1983-1992), Kreasi Baru, contemporary dance, Yogyakarta, (1992-1994), Pendet Panyembrahma, traditional dance, Bali (1983 and 1988), Jejer Gandrung, traditional dance, East Java (1992-1994) Klana and Golek, traditional dance, Central Java (1997-1999)