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Who is who?

In  the beginning the organizational  structure at the University of Cologne might seem a bit confusing. You will be  in touch with the central International Office of the University of Cologne and us, the Center for International Relations at your future  Faculty, the Faculty of Human Sciences.

The Center for International Relations (ZIB) and the International Office

The  ZIB (Center for International Relations) is the Center for most of the  International aspects at the Faculty of Human  Sciences. We work on the internationalisation of research and teaching for the Human  Sciences. We are also coordinating most of the international activities here at the Faculty, and are taking care of international students, teachers, and  research guests.

We  are strongly cooperating with the central International Office of the  University of Cologne.

Regarding the ERASMUS-students, the International  Office will be in charge of the whole application process, while the  ZIB at the Faculty of Human Sciences will help you with everything that  is related to the Faculty, i.e. your courses, Learning Agreement etc.

You can find more information about the  International Office here:


ERASMUS Student Network

The ERASMUS Student Network (ESN) is a student  association which provides the exchange students with local support and  organises cultural and social events for all exchange students in Cologne.

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Buddy Programm

The first days in a new City and at a new  University can be really overwhelming. In order to help you settle in Cologne  and at the University, we can provide you with a Buddy. A Buddy is a local  student who is happy to help you with all kinds of questions regarding your  stay. Moreover, your Buddy can help you improve your language skills and show  you student life in Cologne.

Most of the  "Buddy"-students have also made the experience of being an ERASMUS  student abroad, and she or he will be happy to meet you!

If you want to take  part in the Buddy Programm, you can fill out the application form .