Living in Cologne

Finding an accommodation in Cologne can be a big challenge. The city is one of the most popular ones in Germany and has with more than 80.000 a huge amount of students. In addition to that the German school system is  currently changing, so that a double number of students is expected in the next  semesters. In a nutshell: You will be looking for a place to stay with many  other students and you should schedule several weeks for finding a proper accommodation.  But no worries, you will find a place where you feel at home just with a little  patience. Nevertheless, we highly recommend to start looking for it the earlier the better, finding “last minute accommodation” as nearly impossible.

ZIB Housing Exchange: To make it a little easier for our students to find accommodation, we have created a Facebook group: . Here you can post your room/apartment and search for rooms/apartments. 

The University's International Office provides support finding accommodation. You will find general information about housing here. 

If you would like to live in a student dormitory, you can also apply online at the Kölner Studentenwerk. Please  note that you have to apply at least 3  or 4 months in advance, official application deadlines are July 15th for the winter term and January 15th for the summer term. Please contact the Studentenwerk for any further questions.

If you would like to look for an accommodation on the regular housing market in Cologne, here are some useful links: