Things to do



The first thing you need to do, after you have been nominated at our university is to register at UKI:

This is the online portal for our international students (Uni Köln International). 
UKI is a multimedia online portal thatguides you through the application process and also supports you in preparing for your studies at the University of Cologne. UKI includes a wide range of functions, e.g. a timeline with systematic checklists, task functions, andgeneral useful information.

Please do not apply to the University of Cologne unless you have registered for UKI and carefully read about the necessary information/tasks!

UKI will help you to be informed about all necessary steps and tasks -- so please always check UKI first if you have a question, and if you do not find the answer in UKI, you are welcome to ask us!


All following steps like the application process and the payment of semester fee are explained in UKI.