• 17th BMT (Berliner Methodentreffen Qualitative Forschung)
    The 17th Berliner Methodentreffen Qualitative Forschung will take place on 29 and 30 July this year.
    The program will be published in March. Later in the year it will also be decided whether this will be an online event again, or whether a meeting in presence on location will be possible.
  • Workshop Designing Conceptual Frameworks for Qualitative Research Studies - by Johnny Saldaña
    Registration is open for the workshop Designing Conceptual Frameworks for Qualitative Research Studies by Johnny Saldaña. Johnny Saldaña is Professor Emeritus from Arizona State University’s School of Film, Dance, and Theatre, a experienced researcher and author of seminal books such as Qualitative Data Analysis: A Methods Sourcebook (4th edition, 2020, Sage Publishing).
    The conceptual framework is the investigative architecture for a qualitative study that includes three components: the theoretical, methodological, and epistemological. This workshop provides an overview of qualitative research design with the conceptual framework as its template.The workshop is targeted to graduate students and novices to qualitative research.
    The workshop will take place on February 9, 2022, at 10 - 13 h. EST. Registration costs are $ 75,- and you can register here.
  • 6th World Conference on Qualitative Research
    The 6th World Conference on Qualitative Research is an annual event that aims to bring together researchers, academics and professionals, promoting the sharing and discussion of knowledge, new perspectives, experiences and innovations on the field of Qualitative Research. It will take place on 26 to 28 January 2022 virtually and you can still register for the event here at a cost of € 60,-.
  • Call for Papers: Data for Psyhological Research in the Educational Field
    The Journal of Open Psychology Data (JOPD) publishes peer-reviewed data papers describing psychology datasets with high reuse potential.The journal is devoting a Special Issue to psychological research data in the educational field. Research on educational topics is conducted not only in psychology, but in many different disciplines, like pedagogy, linguistics, sociology, political science, economics, or even history. The Special Issue is intended to be published in 2022. The deadline is on 30 January 2022 and you can read more information here.
  • Workshops Institut für Qualitative Forschung
    The Institut für Qualitative Forschung provides a year-round workshop programme focused on qualitative research methods. You can have a look at the workshop calendar here.