Important Documents

Certificate of Arrival

Some Universities want you to hand in a Certificate of Arrival which states that you have arrived in Cologne in due time. We can easily sign this document for you, if you need it.


Learning Agreement

Onceyou selected the courses you wantto attend, you'll have to fill in the provisional "Learning Agreement". This document has to be signed by bothyour home university and the ZIB at the Faculty of Human Sciences.

Thedocument shows, which courses youare likely to attend at the University of Cologne. You will get the needed formin your home university ERASMUS-office.

Onceyou have arrived in Cologne, youwill be able to change the Learning Agreement if some courses turn out to bebetter suited.

Pleasenote: The course catalogue will be online about two or three months before the beginning of the semester.

Ifyou need your Learning Agreement before that date, you can get a first overviewabout courses by checking the current course catalogue:


Transcript of Records

Close to the end of your stay we will send you a form called "Data for you Transcript". You have to fill in your personal dates and the courses you attended. On the basis of this document, we will write your Transcript.


Confirmation Letter

After/ at the end of your stay you can pick up you Confirmation Letter at our Office. This document is to certify that you have attended your stay.