LogoLab Alumni


Ben Wagner (Phd-Student 2016-2021), now Postdoc at the Kiebel-Lab at TU Dresden


Luca Bruder (PhD-Student 2016-2021), now Data Scientist at Alexander
Thamm, Cologne


Julia Dal Molin (Postdoc 2015-2021), now Program Officer at Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Bonn


Karima Chakroun (PhD 2019, Title: Dopaminergic Modulation of the
explore/exploit trade-off in human decision-making), now Data Scientist at Implicit Diagnostics, Hamburg


Imme Roewer (Medical PhD, 2018, Title: Nicotine deprivation, temporal
discounting and choice consistency in heavy smokers)


Dominique Goltz (Postdoc 2014-2017), now Lecturer at Medical School Hamburg


Uli Bromberg (PhD 2017, Title: Reward-related decision-making in
adolescence), now postdoc at the UKE Hamburg


Antonius Wiehler (PhD 2016, Title: Temporal discounting in populations
with reduced impulse control: Insights from behavior and functional
magnetic resonance imaging), now postdoc at the Pessiglione Lab


Heidrun Schultz (PhD 2015, Title: Functional Organization of the Medial
Temporal Lobe), now Marie Curie Fellow at the Staresina Lab