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July 2022

We welcome the new junior scientist Rebecca. Congratulations to Sarah Wilts and her family on the birth of their daughter!

July 2022

Sarah Esser was funded by DAAD and JSPS for her research project "Investigating the effector-independency of action-effect sequence learning". The research was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Clarissa Lustig, Prof. Dr. Hilde Haider,  Prof. Dr. Kanji Tanaka (Kyushu University) and Dr. Takumi Tanaka (Tokyo University). Sarah Esser conducted part of her reseach in Japan. Congratulations!

April 2022

Clarissa Lustig is a PhD, now! Congratulations to Dr. Clarissa Lustig.

March 2022

Felice Tavera conducted part of her research at the Tel Aviv University as PhD Fellow of the Minerva-Stiftung. Congratulations!

November 2021

Sarah Wilts conducted part of her research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her stay was funded by the Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft.  Congratulations!

March 2021

Felice Tavera and Sarah Wilts have successfully applied for a scholarship of the Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft for their dissertation projects. Congratulations!

January 2021

Felice Tavera and Sarah Wilts have successfully applied for the C-SEB Junior Grant 2021 for their research project "Antisemitism and the Contact Hypothesis in Situations of Perceived Lack of Power". Mazel Tov!

July 2020

Sarah Wilts and Mareike Westfal have successfully applied for the C-SEB Junior Grant 2020 for their research project "Overcoming Power Differences in Social Groups". Congratulations!

April 2020

Felice Tavera has published a big-scale replication study of the Prospect Theory in an international team of junior researchers in "Nature Human Behaviour". For the press release of the University of Cologne, click here. Congrats!

March 2020

Following a seminar's assignment, the former Master students André Mattes, Felice Tavera, Anja Ophey, and Mandy Roheger under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hilde Haider have published an article on serial and parallel processing in multitasking in Psychological Research. Click here for a full-access version. Congratulations!



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