Laufende Drittmittelprojekte:

DFG Emmy-Noether Nachwuchsgruppe (PE1627/5-1): Studies on the role of subcortical dopaminergic networks in decision-making.

Transregio SFB 134 (Teilprojekt C05): Effects of fasting and sleep-deprivation on value-based and perceptual decision-making.

Frühere Drittmittelprojekte:

DFG Forschungsstipendium (PE 1627/4-1): The role of prefrontal networks in decision-making.

DFG Sachbeihilfe (PE 1627/3-1): Interactions between prospection and inter-temporal decision-making in low impulse control populations.

DFG Sachbeihilfe (PE 1627/2-1):  Functional organization of the human medial temporal lobe.