This Evaluation is a report of the participation of (recently) immigrated and refugee teachers taking part in the R/EQUAL partner programmes. It explores the question of promising conditions and pathways for participation as well as barriers in participative approaches in (re-)qualification programmes for teachers from abroad. The idea of a participatory approach is not standard in (re-)qualification programmes in Higher Education and therefore, in the context of R/EQUAL, the partner programmes were interested to see how the participants themselves experience and judge the opportunity for participation and what ideas they have about possible (further) participation.

The aim of the report is to provide feedback to the R/EQUAL consortium as well as recommen-dations for (planned) programmes for and with (recently) immigrated and refugee teachers according to the empirical results.

In order to analyse participation in the partner programmes and in R/EQUAL, a mixed-methods design was chosen. In the qualitative part of the study, group interviews with participants as well as paper-based interviews with the coordinator of each program have been conducted. The quantitative study consisted of an online survey that was filled out by the participants. 

The evaluation report can be downloaded here: