Manual for Language Learning

Higher Education Institution (HEI) in Europe is becoming increasingly globalised. In the case of internationally trained teachers, HEI needs to widen its participation and engagement in order to better utilize their experiences and skills.

Based on R/EQUAL partners nationally and regionally different bridging programs for migrant teachers in Vienna, Cologne, Weingarten and Stockholm, the second intellectual output (IO2) offers an online manual as well a theoretical background. The manual provides basics of a multilingual methodology and concrete teaching and learning methods.It is based on shared data from interviews and a jointly created questionnaire from all R/EQUAL partners, in a participatory approach. The manual provides useful strategies and methods for teachers in a multilingual setting. It will combine basics of translingual methodology as well as appropriate teaching and learning methods as part of a participatory approach in working with multilingual groups of internationally trained teachers.

The aim of the digital manual is to inspire lecturer in HE, to use all existing language competences in their teaching in multilingual settings.The manual can be used as a guidance but can also be considered as a living document that might be enhanced over time.

The Glossary of basic theoretical concepts for teaching and learning in multilingual contexts can be downloaded here: Glossary

The Language Manual is provided as an Open Educational Resources.
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The theoretical background of the Digital Manual is provided in English, German and Swedish. The different versions can be viewed here:

Swedish Version

German Version

Englisch Version