Awareness campaign for “Working, collaborating and leading with a disability/impairment at the University of Cologne”


As result of demographic developments, companies are faced with the challenge of employing more and more employees with health impairments. Universities are no exception here. The aim of the Inclusion Action Plan at the University of Cologne is to sensitize employees in science, technology and administration for "Working, collaborating and leading with a disability/health impairment" and to initiate improvement actions. 


The awareness campaign for “Working, collaborating and leading with a disability/impairment at the University of Cologne” includes three phases.
In the first phase (2017-2018) the concept for the awareness campaign was worked out with stakeholders from the University's integration management, occupational health management, the diversity staff office, the human resources department, the personnel council as well as with the representative bodies of employees with disabilities and employees with disability.
It was determined that the first step in the direction of raising awareness and at the same time groundwork for further needs-based measures, a university wide employee survey should be conducted.
In the second phase (2018-2019) this employee survey is designed and implemented. Goal is to, on the one hand, learn more about the status quo of working, collaborating and leading with disabilities and health impairments at the University of Cologne, and, on the other hand, to provide suggestions for reducing barriers and find solutions to improve the way of collaboration.
Finally, in the third phase (2019), the survey results will be processed and reported back to the participants of the survey as well as to the university public. In addition, recommendations for action will be derived and concrete measures initiated.


The costs of the awareness campaign are covered by funds provided under the operational integration management award, awarded by the Rhineland Landscape Association (€10.000).

Project run time


Project management

Prof. Dr. Mathilde Niehaus, University of Cologne, Chair of work and vocational rehabilitation


M. A. Susanne Groth, Dr. Jana Bauer, M. Sc. Veronika Chakraverty, M. Sc. Anja Greifenberg, M. Sc. Dominic Dyck