AKTIF – Disabled university graduates in the research of participation and inclusion (Akademiker_innen mit Behinderungen in der Teilhabe- und Inklusionsforschung)


By means of the AKTIF project a network of researchers in four different locations all throughout Germany was created to engage in the research of participation and inclusion. A team of scientists, with and without disabilities, identify the relevant thematic focus and certain gabs in the current research. Research projects with different sponsors and cooperation partners are requested to establish the approach of inclusive research of participation and inclusion.


Scientists with and without disabilities work together to create new project ideas to promote the research of participation and inclusion. Researchers with a similar thematic focus and interests are able to propose specific projects in the participation- and inclusion research all throughout Germany.  The goal is to use this synergy and create an interdisciplinary team.

The requested research projects in the course of the AKTIF project will apply both quantitative and qualitative methods of participation- and social research.

All information can be found under the following link: www.aktif-projekt.de


Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Project run time


Cooperation partners

  • Technical University of applied sciences Dortmund (project coordination: substitution professor Dr. Monika Schröttle)
  • Institute for empirical sociology (IfeS) (Dr. Stefan Zapfel)
  • University of Cologne (Prof. Dr. Mathilde Niehaus),
  • Evangelical University of applied sciences Rheinland-Westfalen-Lippe (Prof. Dr. Theresia Degener)
  • Expert committee


Susanne Groth (M.A.), Jan Surink (Dipl.-Soz.), Wolfgang Thiems (M.A.), Sinem Ulutas (M.A.), Jennifer Arditsoglou (M.Sc.), Elena Brinkman (Dipl. Psych.)