Developmental Dyslexia & Visual Attention

People involved
Johanna Egetemeir
Prisca Stenneken

In cooperation with:
Kathrin Finke
Werner X. Schneider
Gerd Schulte-Körne
Hermann J. Müller

Project Summary:
Dyslexic readers have been shown to be impaired in tasks that require the processing of multiple visual elements in parallel. The parameter-based assessment of visual attention based on Bundesen's theory of visual attention (TVA) allows to identify and quantify the underlying deficits. Possible reductions in the parametric values of the dyslexic group compared to the control group are taken as markers for the underlying deficit.
The project includes the first parameter-based group study of potentially altered attentional components that have recently been associated with parietal dysfunctions in dyslexia. Results of dyslexic adults demonstrate a striking reduction in perceptual processing speed (by 26% compared to controls) while their working memory storage capacity was in the normal range.
A subsequent study presents a groupwise comparison between children with developmental dyslexia and normal reading children.