Visuo-spatial and Lexical Processing in Acquired Dyslexia          

People involved
Christiane Weinzierl
Prisca Stenneken

In cooperation with:
Georg Kerkhoff
Lucia van Eimeren
Ingo Keller

Project Summary:
Spatial neglect may involve neglect dyslexia resulting in a failure to identify words or parts of words in the contralesional hemispace. The project explores a well-documented dissociation in neglect dyslexics' word processing, i.e. impaired reading aloud in the presence of good lexical decision performance for the same stimuli.
Additional error analyses of neglect patients and older adults focus on the following questions: Do neglect dyslexic persons have a different distribution of error types than normal readers? Which letter positions within in words are affected in reading errors of neglect dyslexic persons? Is there an influence of linguistic aspects?