Past Projects:


In Cooperation with SFB 673 Alignment in Communication, Bielefeld University:    

Communicating Emotions

People involved:
Karoline Malchus
Petra Jaecks
Prisca Stenneken

In cooperation with:
Britte Wrede
Oliver Damm
Sören Krach
Martina Hielscher-Fastabend

Understanding Alignment from Misalignment

People involved:
Anouschka Foltz
Kristina Thiele
Prisca Stenneken

In cooperation with:
Judith GaspersPhillipp Cimiano


In Cooperation with Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC), Bielefeld University:            

Cognitive and Neutral Correlates of Interaction Processes. Investigations with near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS).

People involved:
Johanna Egetemeir
Prisca Stenneken

In cooperation with:
Martin J. Herrmann

Research Topics:
Exploring the neural basis of real-life joint action: measuring brain activation during joint table setting with functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS).


In Cooperation with Center of Excellence Languages of Emotion, Freie Universität Berlin:     

Interactions between Linguistic, Cognitive and Emotional Competences

People involved:
Christine Wendt
Prisca Stenneken

In cooperation with:

Christina Kauschke
Judith Levy
Gisela Klann-Delius
Isabel Dziobek
Hauke Heekeren

Research Topics:
Interaction between linguistic and emotional competence - a comparative study with children and adults with language disorders or emotional deficts


In Cooperation with BiSE (Bielefeld School of Ecudation):

Voice Assessment

People involved:
Maria Kofler-Wagner
Kerstin Richter
Petra Jaecks
Prisca Stenneken


Investigating Syllables and Sublexical Units in Impaired (Aphasia, Dyslexia) and Unimpaired Processing 

People involved:
Prisca Stenneken
Arthur M. Jacobs & Group
Roelien Bastiaanse
Walter Huber
Georg Goldenberg

Research Topics:

  • Sublexical frequency measures for orthographic and phonological units in German.
  • Processing of syllables in production and recognition tasks.
  • Frequency effects with visual words and syllables in a dyslexic reader.
  • Visual processing of sublexical units in dyslexia.
  • Sublexical units in aphasic jargon and in the standard language. Comparative analyses of neologisms in connected speech.
  • Patterns of phoneme and syllable frequency in jargon aphasia.
  • Syllable structure and sonority in language inventory and aphasic neologisms.

Control and Timing of Actions

People involved:
Prisca Stenneken
Gisa Aschersleben
Wolfgang Prinz
Knut Drewing
Franz Mechsner
Jonathan Cole
Jacques Paillard

Research Topics / Publications:

  • Visual proprioception in the timing of movements: Evidence from deafferentation
  • Self-induced versus reactive triggering of synchronous movements. A comparative study with a deafferented patient
  • The effect of sensory feedback on the timing of movements: Evidence from deafferented patients
  • Temporal coordination of simple movements


Language, Action & Communication

Research Activities & People Involved:
Semantic activation in action planning
(Oliver Lindemann, Prisca Stenneken, Hein van Schie, Harold Bekkering,)

Language and communication: Every-day activities in language intervention
(Renate Götze, Benita Höfer, Prisca Stenneken)

Differences in processing of action and object words: The impact of word form information and morphological complexity
(Christina Kauschke, Prisca Stenneken)

Communication with robots: Evidence from a web-based experiment on human-computer interaction
(Petra Gieselmann, Prisca Stenneken)