Occupational reintegration management for teachers in North Rhine - Westphalia


According to § 84 (2) Book IX Social Code I, rehabilitation measures regarding reintegration management should start when an employee is absent from work for six weeks or longer. It must be emphasized, that every employee is addressed by this law. Likewise all companies are obliged to offer the so called “Betriebliches Eingliederungsmanagement” (literally, “occupational reintegration management”) independent from branch, industrial sector, and company size.

For teachers that may be on sick leave for an extended period of more than 6 weeks during the past 12 months, the German government provides a reintegration management program, for example, by offering reduced hours which gradually increase to bring teachers successfully back into their work lives.

This study specifically focuses on teachers´ rehabilitation and reintegration management programs at schools in North Rhine - Westphalia (NRW). Chances for corporate health management and the analysis and development of further training opportunities for teachers are investigated by this research.

Our objectives are to:

  • analyze the actual condition and current situation of realizing reintegration management programs for teachers at school
  • develop training programs for head teachers
  • develop further training programs for all involved stakeholders who work to reintegrate the affected teachers.