MA Rehabilitation Sciences (Starting WS 2010/2011)

Major study field “Prevention and Vocational Rehabilitation”

3 modules (8 credits per module):

Analysis of the Initial Situation

Planning and Intervention

Evaluation and Further Development

The major study field “Prevention and Vocational Rehabilitation” qualifies for fields of competence in which professionals advise, plan, coordinate, evaluate and do research regarding the rehabilitation process of adolescents and adults with health restrictions and disabilities.

Priority topics are

  • Participation in the working life and training system
  • Empowerment and self-determination in the rehabilitation process,
  • User-oriented, benefit-effective, participatory research approaches
  • Development and evaluation of prevention- and intervention-approaches, as well as management concepts

International experience, know-how and cooperations are taken into account.

The graduates will perform the functions and tasks as rehabilitation experts in companies, service points, Integration Centres for the hearing-impaired or mentally impaired, rehabilitation clinics, staff service providers, occupational rehabilitation centres, workshops for the disabled, associations, Chambers, private insurance companies, pension- and accident insurances, educational institutions, etc.

In studying MA Rehabilitation Sciences, the focus is on the integration of scientific approaches of therapeutic education, vocational education, adult education, social education, psychology and sociology. The study course is both application-oriented and research-based. It contributes to the further development of research-based prevention and rehabilitation. The transfer of scientific evidence into practice and from practice into research is guaranteed. The insights and developments gained from the cooperation with fields of practice and from research activities of the teaching staff contribute directly to the innovation of the courses offered for students.

Responsible for the major study field “Prevention and Vocational Rehabilitation”:Prof. Dr. Mathilde Niehaus, Unit of Labour and Vocational Rehabilitation