Evaluation of the EQUAL-Development Partnership “Virtual Center for European Education (Enfor-RLP)“ in line with the Joint Initiative EQUAL


By establishing a network of a large number of stakeholders, the development partnership aimed at developing strategies that are coherent, exemplary and adjusted to the target group for the labour market-adequate qualififcation of and with persons with disabilitites. Central private welfare associations concentrated their know how in sub-projects and have established a range of future-oriented services for international qualification by organizing and designing a virtual center. The individual projects and their contribution to the virtual center have been evaluated.

Research Methods:

Quantitative questionnaire survey, documentary research, case management

Project Management:

Prof. Dr. M. Niehaus & Dr. A. Schmal (University Trier)

Sponsor / Client:

State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Maintenance of the German State Rhineland-Palatinate (Landesamt für Soziales, Jugend und Versorgung des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz)

Research Assistants:

Dipl.-Paed. D. Bernhard, Ch. Geipel (Sonderpaedagoge), cand. Psych. A. Nüchter



To view the final report of the evaluation, please refer to this link >click here