Corporate Integration Agreement as a Process- and Development Oriented Instrument for Employment Promotion of (Severely) Disabled Persons


The German Social Codebook SGB IX constitutes the instrument ’Integration Agreement’. However, at the starting point of this project, only few scientific findings about this instrument were on hand. In order to make a major contribution to fill this gap, this study aimed at collateraly investigating the acceptance of the instrument Integration Agreement on the part of the HR departments, the representative body for disabled employees’ staff, and the company medical officers, as well as exploring the implementation and effect of Integration Agreements, using the example of the German automobile industry. Success factors and recommended follow-up action were to be deduced. In this process, the specific perspectives of the various stakeholders have been considered explicitly.

Research Methods:

Formative and summative evaluation, documentary research, workshop evaluation, questionnaire evaluation, interview evaluation

Project Management:

Prof. Dr. M. Niehaus & Dr. A. Schmal (University Trier)

Sponsor / Client:

Federal Ministry of Health (BMGSS), Germany


01.04.2001 - 30.06.2007

Research Assistants:

Dipl-Paed. Dorte Bernhard, Dipl.-Psych. Klaudia Kamrad, Dipl.-Psych. Mirjam Kriesel

To view the final report of the project, please refer to this link of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs >click here