Project on Corporate Integration Management / Disability Management and its Implementation in Germany According to § 84.2 Social Code Book IX


Corporate prevention and return-to-work approaches for the promotion, maintenance, as well as reconstitution of the working ability and employability of ill or disabled employees, have been enhanced by the implementation of Corporate Integration Management / Disability Management according to 84.2 Social Code Book IX. So far, experience has demonstrated that the legal requirements have been interpreted and put into practice differently in the companies.The goal of this survey is to collect quantitative statements about the diffusion of CIM / DM and corporate prevention, and qualitative statements about the way in which companies, respectively the various actors in this field, realize the aims of § 84.2 Social Code Book IX. What is more, factors are to be identified that enforce CIM / DM and that lead the approach to success in practice.As so far no systematically generated empirical findings have been on hand regarding the state of realisation of CIM / DM and its impact in practice, the following has been investigated on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS):

  • The diffusion of the prodeedings in terms of § 84.2 Social Code Book IX
  • Methods that are being applied within the scope of CIM / DM
  • The willingness of employers to set up general conditions for healthier ageing within the company by means of health prevention and CIM / DM
  • The readyness of employees to agree to and participate in CIM- / DM-measures as well as other measures that promote their health
  • Impacts of the applied proceedings on the status of employees’ illness, productive efficiency, and labour participation of the employees
  • Implications of the applied proceedings from the industrial management and economic point of view

Research Methods:

Multidimensional triangulation method: evaluation of nationwide written- and online-interviews of companies and administrative offices, nationwide interviews in the magazine Behinderte Menschen im Beruf (Disabled People in Employment), documentary research and interviews with experts of the projects included in the initiative job - Jobs ohne Barrieren (job – Jobs without Barriers) regarding § 84.2 Social Code Book IX, interviews with corporate experts

Project Management:

Prof. Dr. M. Niehaus

Cooperation Partners:

Unternehmensberatung Johannes Magin

Sponsor / Client:



2006 - 2007

Research Assistants:

Dr. Britta Marfels, Dipl.-Psych. Gudrun Vater

To view the final report of the project, please refer to this link of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs >click here