Wahlpflichtfach Diplom - Compulsory Subject Choice Diploma in Rehabilitation Pedagogy

I. Purpose and profile of the course

Based on a wide range of pedagogical areas, students qualify in different fields of Rehabilitation Management. This includes the transition from school to work and from work to retirement, as well as job maintenance and return-to-work strategies. They learn to research, to organize and to evaluate. Above all, the course focusses on the ways that young people and adults with health problems and disabilities can participate and be integrated in society and the labour market in an all-integrating approach. Graduates will be able to gain qualifications for the following professional categories and fields:

  • Consultant (i.e. in a labour office or integration office);
  • Assistant / Advocate (i.e. Job Coaches) of disabled adolescents or adults, as by escorting, stabilising, briefing, supporting, organising;
  • (In-plant) Disability- / Rehabilitation Manager;
  • Educationalist, Coach, Supervisor (i.e. in sheltered workshops, vocational educational centers, further education in companies)

Studying this course in the field of “Labour and Vocational Rehabilitation“ means linking aspects of rehabilitation and education, vocational rehabilitation, adult education and social-work. With this interdisciplinary approach, the course integrates social sciences, economics, organizational psychology and rehabilitation science.


II. Study fields and specific requirements

Area 1         Theories of Rehabilitation und Prevention (6 SWS)1


  • 1.1 Basic Concepts of Health, Illness, Impairment, Handicap
  • 1.2 Basic Principles of Rehabilitation and Prevention
  • 1.3 Rehabilitation in Specific Circumstances of Life

Area 2        Legal Aspects, Institutional and Societal Conditions (6 SWS)1


  • 2.1 (Inter)National Legal, Political and Societal Framework
  • 2.2 In-plant Vocational Rehabilitation and Prevention
  • 2.3 Vocational Rehabilitation in External Institutions

Area 3        Methods (6 SWS)1


  • 3.1 Assessment, Counselling, Training
  • 3.2 Evaluation and Quality Management in Vocational Rehabilitation
  • 3.3 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

The performance record is to be attained in Area 3.

  1SWS – “Semesterwochenstunden” = Hours per week over the period of the term