International Council for Traditional Music (Unesco/Ngo)

Germany National Committee


Chair Dr. Dorit Klebe
Vice Chair Dr. Edda Brandes
Vice Chair Prof. Dr. Klaus Näumann
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The International Council for Traditional Music, National Committee Germany unites more than 100 members from the disciplines of (ethno)musicology, music education and their respective institutions all over Germany. Their agenda focuses on fostering the study, practice, documentation, conservation and distribution of traditional musics and dances as well as supporting young researchers and improving of their work situation. The National Committee engages in networking initiatives and the exchange of information, organizes conferences and promotes the establishment of study and work groups. It furthermore supports the publication of scientific works in this academic field and publishes the Bulletins of the ICTM National Committee Germany, Bamberg 1992-2007, Münster 2008-2010. The Institute has collaborated with the ICTM German National Committee on multiple levels. The Institute currently administrates the ICTM Forum, advised by the board of directors. In 2013, the Institute hosted the annual conference of ICTM Germany in Cologne with the topic "Traditional Music of European Regions in a Global Context".